Wheel Arch Rolling

Thinking of having your wheel arches rolled for one or more of the following reasons? 

Do you have a lowered car ? 

Do you have bigger wheels / tyres ? 

Is your offset different from standard ?

Do your tyres rub the arches on cornering or going over bumps ? 

If yes to any of these then we can help you resolve the issue. 

What is wheel arch rolling ?

Wheel arch rolling means having your standard wheel arch lip folded back to the arch. Whether its single skin or double skin at the back, this is not a problem. 

We can roll the lip back to the bodywork to give you up to an extra 10-15mm for your wheels. For most cars this is more than enough to avoid the tyre shoulder catching the wheel arch lip. From the outside you cannot tell this has been done, the bodywork lines remain unchanged. 

** Not suitable for plastic arch extensions or fibre glass body kits.

How to get the best out of our service

  • Make sure the wheels fitted with the tyres, and are ready to be put on the car (if already not fitted to the car) 
  • We recommend you set your ride height and have the suspension alignment done before the rolling, it makes a big difference to where the wheels sit in the arches. If its not done it may result in the arch roll be in accurate. 
  • You need to be present to discuss exactly what you want and if there are any problems that may occur.

The dangers - WARNING. All work is at YOUR OWN RISK

  • Please be aware any work is at your own risk. We can advise on any likely problems on inspecting the car but in the end its down to you, its your choice whether to go ahead with the work or not. If the bodywork on your car is original and you are looking for a lip roll this carries the smallest risk. But the paint is still likely to crack and possible flake off on the edge. 

  • Possible problems - Badly applied paint can Flake off, stress cracks can appear in the paint on the rolled edge,and can cause the paint to chip off on the edge, sometimes its unavoidable, however they can be covered with some touch up paint/lacquer.

Important - This is arch 'rolling' NOT arch 'flaring'

We do not push the arch out at all, we only roll the inside lip of the wheel arch. 

NOTE: If you are thinking of sorting your own arches out don't take the grinder to them and cut the lip completely off. 

So many people attack there arches with a grinder but dont realise they are cutting the spot welds off the arch lip which weakens the arch and the inner arch ends up seperating from the outer arch causing more problems for you later. 

We offer a great and affordable arch rolling service. We can roll any arches FROM ONLY £25 PER ARCH 

This is a very cost effective process.