BMW Custom Colour Seat belts

Our custom seat belt webbing replacement service is available in a variety of colours and compatible with any seat belt. Whether you're restoring a classic car, have a new one with dog chewed seat belts or want to upgrade your interior with a custom colour seat belts - this is the seat belt solution for you. All seat belts are redone using professional factory industrial stitching sewing machines. 

We don’t touch the mechanism or modify the mechanism in anyway; all we do is replace the belt webbing. You end up with the same factory OEM seat belt assembly and all the hardware (buckles, and attachment points). 

This process involves ONLY replacing the webbing and is done ONLY by professionals who know how to replace webbings on seat belt retractors. 

We only use certified automotive webbing 

We understand that you may have concerns about the safety factors when replacing seat belt webbing, rest assure that this webbing is CERTIFIED for occupant restraints system. But please note that due to the nature of this product please, remember these are sold as is and to be used at your own risk.